Polymechanic Apprentice Achieves “Astonishing Work” With ALPHACAM

ALPHACAM’s Swiss reseller, MW Programmation, has been training a polymechanics student in how to use the CAD/CAM software.

Based in Malleray, MW Programmation is one of seven companies in the town offering short internships to polymechanics students.

After four years of training, the students go through successive internships at the companies, and apprentice Manu Beretta has recently completed his with MW Programmation. His project was to create a car wheel in four steps:
•    Program the tool paths in ALPHACAM
•    Check the ISO code
•    Transfer the ISO code to the machine tool
•    Cut the wheel on a 5-axis machine tool.

He says: “ALPHACAM was so easy to learn, even in an autonomous way – I particularly appreciated the intuitive interface.”

And Marc Hirschi, from MW Programmation’s technical team, says: “After the basic training, the apprentices work on a specific project. In Manu’s case, that was a car wheel, starting from its CAD creation, right through to machining in the workshop, which was done in just two weeks, showing how easy ALPHACAM is to learn.

“I don’t know of any other software where it’s possible to machine 5-axis toolpaths with such a short amount of training. I’d like to congratulate Manu for the astonishing work he’s achieved during his internship with MW Programmation.”



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